An average Wednesday with a twist

My morning started with an hour and 15 minute workout at my gym. My workout consisted of mainly interval training. I did 15 minutes of interval running on the treadmill, 15 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer, 15 minutes of intervals on the bike and then another 15 minutes on the step machine. After that I did 10 minutes on the rower, 100 sit-ups with a 4kg ball and stretched my entire body. I left the gym feeling pumped and decided to head over to do some shopping. I wandered around the shop looking for foods to help me up my protein intake, this was a successful mission as I purchased only vegetables and proteins; the sum was only $70 which was a wonderful change.

After the shopping I headed home for lunch. Todays lunch was a low carb creation of grilled chicken breast, mushroom, spinach, sprouts and chilli green olives topped with cottage cheese and chilli.

Next in my day it was time to job search, I haven’t been working since November 2016 and have been constantly searching and applying for jobs still with no luck. I watched an interesting business proposal online for a multi billion dollar company and that sparked my brain to get doing something I enjoy and may be able to make a little money off on the side. Turns out at  this stage the outlay for the business proposal that I watched was a little too high so I decided to start working on my blog. I am not 100% sure which direction I am going to take my blog but for now it will be a compilation of my thoughts, struggles, advice and experiences. I hope by reading my blog that maybe I will inspire you in one way or another.

The photo attached is from my personal Garmin Connect Activity Account which records my heart rate throughout my workout today.


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