Thursdays Food 

In todays blog post I thought I’d divulge my food intake for the day. I love food of all types which is either a blessing or a curse. I personally like to think of it as a blessing. I regularly mix things up and try to keep myself interested in healthy eating. So my days and weeks are quite varied but I always try to remain focused on being healthy. I recently have been focusing on my protein, carb and fat intake. I am trying to get the right balance between the three. 

I always have 5-6 meals a day. 

  • Breakfast 
  • Morning tea 
  • Lunch 
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Dinner
  • Supper (sometimes) 

Morning/Afternoon tea and supper are my snack meals. I find snacks critical to keep my body satisfied and stop me from overindulging during my main daily meals. 

Today I ate: 

Breakfast: Two slices wholemeal toast with half an Avocado on top. A cup of water with lemon and a green tea. 

Morning tea: 2 x boiled eggs, 1 Bega stringer (cheese), 20g raw almonds, 50g celery with fresh peanut butter (20g) and 50g dried apricots. 

Lunch: Rice paper rolls, I had four. They were filled with smoked salmon, corriander,  carrot sliced thinly,  spinach and sprouts. The rice papers are good as they aren’t too high in carbs. Better than bread. 

Afternoon Tea: One chocolate protein shake. 

Dinner: I have cooked a chicken stir fry for my family tonight. Theirs has normal hokkien noodles and mine will have Zoodles (Zuchinni noodles). I haven’t eaten it yet but the reason I’m not having the hearty hokkien noodles is because I aim to eat my carbs earlier in the day. So at dinner time I only eat the carbs found in veggies. The veggies inside my stir fry are red capsicum, cabbage, onion, zuchinni, celery and fresh chilli and garlic. The sauce was made with cottage cheese, curry powder and some chicken stock. 

There will be no supper for me tonight as I have remained satisfied all day. I’m likely to only have supper on my low carb days. 

I have included some photos of today’s food for you. Happy Thursday! Now I’m off to a group training class tonight. 

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