My insight on Oats – Day 1

Oats and different ways of preparing oats seems to be a huge trend right now. I always found that if someone suggested oats to me that I’d instantly say ‘oh no I can’t eat that’. For some reason it was stuck in my head that I didn’t like them and that they were mushy and gross. Once I realised that I wasn’t actually sure that I didn’t like oats, I thought I’d put them to the test. A three day test to be precise. As I’ve tested my oats I’ll give you my feedback and recommendations. I will also post the recipes for you so you can test these for yourself. 

Today is day 1 and for breakfast I made Oats with Strawberries and Cream. (Don’t get too excited I did not use cream)

My rating on these Oats:

  • Preparation 8/10 – This Oat variation was simple to make and could easily be made the night before and reheated in the morning (To find the recipe see my recipe section)
  • Taste 6/10  – The Oats to me were a little sour, not as sweet as I would have liked. The consistency was good not too thick or mushy and they were not dry in the slightest.
  • Nutrition 8/10 – These Oats were low calorie (under 100 calories), the fat content was next to none, the protein content was very low only 5g (you will need to have a high protein morning tea to make up for it) and the carb content was 17g which fine for breakfast. Real Oats are a slow burning carb which means your blood sugar will remain steady after eating them and you should feel fuller for longer.

I was quite content  with this Breakfast and I did not feel hungry again until lunchtime. Tomorrow I will try a different oat variety and get back to you with the results. 
Happy Friday! 


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