My insight on Oats – Day 2

As discussed in yesterdays post I am putting Oats to the test. A three day test to be precise. Yesterday I made and ate Oats with Strawberries and Cream (see my recipes section), which were super satisfying, super low in calories but a little bitter for my morning meal so this morning I have concocted what I will call Nutty Banana Oats.

I could only just get through this batch of Oats, it was super filling, I assume it was the banana that made me more full. I used raw almonds in my batch and I found that the skins slipped off which kind of creeped me out as I was eating it but apart from that I enjoyed these again and can already tell I will remain satisfied throughout the day.

My rating on these Oats:

  • Preparation 8/10 – This Oat variation was simple to make and could easily be made the night before and reheated in the morning (To find the recipe see my recipe section)
  • Taste 7/10  – The Oats I found to be more sweet because of the banana and rice malt syrup, so I enjoyed the taste more then my Strawberries and Cream Oats. The consistency was good not too thick or mushy and they were not dry in the slightest. I used raw almonds and the skins slipped off which I did not enjoy so I thoroughly suggest buying skinless raw almonds.
  • Nutrition 7/10 – These Oats were over 150 calories, the fat content higher then yesterday due to the almonds but these are healthy fats about 7g, the protein content was very low only 5.5g (you will need to have a high protein morning tea to make up for it) and the carb content was 26.6g which is still okay for breakfast but higher than yesterdays batch. I should also mention the cinnamon in this, studies have shown that adding cinnamon to your daily diet can help to speed up your metabolism.

I could easily add this to my weekly breakfast plan 1-2 times a week.

I will add the recipe for this round of Oats to the recipe section.

Thanks for reading and Happy Saturday everyone. Tomorrow you will hear my final thoughts on Oats.

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