My insight on Oats – Day 3 (final day) 

This morning to finish off my insight on Oats piece I have decided to cook up a batch of Chocci Oats to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

I added too much cocoa powder when I made these I was having a guess so mine were way too chocolate-y for my tastebuds. I will publish the recipe in my Recipe section I have adjust the amount so it’s not over the top. 

 My rating on these Oats: 

  • Preparation: 9/10 These Oats were the easiest to make less ingredients and you just cook them all together.
  • Taste: 7/10 My batch were too chocolate-y when I post the recipe I’ll adjust the amount of cocoa powder so that should help. If you are a chocolate lover these should help satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Nutrition: 8/10 I was pretty content with the content of this batch of oats. Not too carby about 16g, about 5g of protein (which is low so don’t forget to make up your protein at morning tea) and only about 5g of fat. 

Pros of Oats 

  • I stayed satisfied throughout the first half of the day. I wasn’t reaching for food every couple of hours like I usually am. 
  • I had a steady level of energy throughout the day 
  • The fibre in Oats was noticeably beneficial 

Cons of Oats 

  • Oats take time (and a saucepan) to prepare not long by any means (a handful of minutes) but if you’re rushing off for work I’d suggest making them at night and reheating. 
  • If it’s a hot morning Oats don’t sit right 
  • Oats are in my opinion boring even with added toppings

What I have learnt 

  • Implementing Oats to my diet 1-2 times a week is a healthy, easy and wonderful idea 
  • If you are adding strawberries to your Oats soaking them in a little balsamic vinegar will help them be more sweet 
  • Oats are a great and easy source of fibre 

In conclusion closing myself off to Oats was a mistake. I think they are an easy healthy food to introduce to your diet. So move forward and give them a crack a couple times a week and see the results for yourself! 

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