My top tips for sticking to your goals

Sticking to your Food Goals: 

  • Be prepared! You hear this all the time but it really is the easiest way to stick to healthy eating. I type up a food plan and a shopping list for the coming week this way I know exactly what I need to do and don’t leave any meals to chance. 
  • Keep your healthy snacks handy! Daily snacks are what I struggle with most. I get bored with them quickly and if I don’t have them on hand when I get hungry I reach for unhealthy options. Some of my favourite snacks are; raw almonds, dried apricots, string cheese, chobani Yoghurt and carrot/celery sticks with peanut butter. 
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently! Eating every 3-4 hours throughout the day stops you from over indulging. Starving yourself leads to binging, just don’t do it! 

Sticking to your Exercise Goals 

  • Make the time! Just like with creating my meal plans for the week I also schedule my exercise hours in. Look at your week trial where your workouts fit and move them around until it works for you. 
  • Mix it up! Exercise can get boring if you are constantly doing the same workout over and over. Mix it up. There’s so many ways you can be active, try something you’ve never done before. Exercise is fun if you stop treating it like a chore. My favourite go to activities are shooting hoops, kicking a footy around and bushwalking. 
  • Check in with yourself! Track your workouts, record your attempts and your personal bests. Ask yourself how you feel pre and post workout. Be proud of yourself, share your achievements with family and friends, not only will they continue to encourage you but you may even motivate them with their efforts. If you can see your progression you’re more likely to stay on track. Remember progression is not only a number on a scale. 

These are the things that have helped me on my journey I hope that you try these for yourself they may not work for you but giving them a go may help you figure out what works best for you. 

Happy Thursday kids! Stay happy! 

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