March Challenge – 1st of March 

As mentioned in my previous post throughout the month of March I will be posting a challenge a day. These challenges may only seem little but it’s the little things in life that keep us positive and make us happy so I really hope you’ll participate and challenge yourself this month. 

Today’s Day 1 Challenge is quite simple; I would like you to identify and write down two things that you want to achieve this year. You don’t need to share these with anyone if you don’t want to but identifying them and writing them down will make them more likely to happen. Remind yourself of these two things each week and you will find yourself working harder to achieve these goals. I bet by the end of 2017 you will be able to look back and feel pleased with yourself that you identified a goal and made it happen.  

My two goals for 2017 are: 

Goal 1: Spend less money on unneeded items. This is something I consciously know that I need to do but have never really concentrated on making it happen. The amount of clothes, shoes and jewellery that I have purchased and never worn or worn once is ridiculous. This goal is important for a few reasons: 

  1. So I stop wasting money 
  2. So I can continue to fit all of my things in my wardrobe (I’m already overflowing into a second one) 
  3. So I can remind myself to make conscious desicions before purchasing items

Goal 2: Do. This was basically my New Years resolution. Often in life we have thoughts about things we should do, people we should call or visit or places we should go but for some reason it doesn’t get past being a thought, for some reason we don’t carry it out, we don’t do it. 

I recently had a moment of clarity about this when sadly when someone i know passed away I had the thought to reach out to her and I didn’t act on it, I didn’t do it, then it was too late. I had missed my chance to say thank you and goodbye. So this for me this year is my biggest goal. 

Don’t just think or talk but do. 

Have a good think about two goals you would like to achieve this year they can be anything that is important to you. Don’t forget to write them down in your phone or on some paper.

If you would like to share your goals with me, You can email me at: 

Happy goal setting kids! 

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