Good morning all and happy Friday! 

Today is the third day of my March Challenge and we are going to embrace today by completing today’s challenge, which is: Contact a close friend and spill your guts about two things you admire about them. 

This may or may not be a challenge for you. Some people feel awkward spreading the love, but try not to. If you are a little shy or time poor feel free to contact your buddy via email, text or social media and let them know two reasons why you admire them. 

By completing  this challenge you will not only feel positive in yourself and feel like an amazing friend you will also motivate your friend to continue being the awesome person that they are. Everyone deserves encouragement, admiration and love. 

So get out there! Spread the love! Spread the admiration! It will do the world wonders! 
Here’s my completed challenge for the day a letter to one of my besties S.