March Challenge – 5th of March 

Today’s challenge is a physical challenge. Sunday is looked at as a rest day for most people which is absolutely fine but today my challenge to you is to do 100 sit-ups. 

100 sit-ups won’t take up much of your day and you’ll feel accomplished for getting them done. So set aside some time throughout the day to get these sit-ups done. 

I find breaking my sit-ups into blocks of 20 helps me keep going. Take a short rest in between each block of 20. If you don’t do sit-ups very often you can break your sit-ups to blocks of 10 if you like. Just get the 100 done. 

Sit-ups aren’t by any means a way to blast away fat but they are great for helping to strengthen your core and abs. 

If you feel up to it, you can also add weight to your sit-ups. At the gym I usually grab a 4kg ball and do my sit-ups with this in my hands. It just adds a little more resistance to the action. 

So good luck and let me know how you get along. Happy Sunday! 

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