March Challenge – 6th of March 

Hello Monday.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Today’s challenge is a practical one. This stems from my constant need to be organised. When you are cluttered at home, in your car or at work you can’t focus or be efficient.

Today, I would like you to clear some space whether it’s your work desk, undie draw, cupboard or car. 

We all have way too much “stuff” over the days, months and years we accumulate so many things. Some things are useful and beneficial to our lives and other just take up space and clutter our minds. Today’s challenge will encourage you to clean a space even if it’s only one, it may be something as simple as your desk at work or your pesky bedside draw. Set aside a little time to de-clutter this space. Throw out what you don’t want, need or use. Throw away anything that is out of date. Clear the crap, clean the area then reorganize the space.

Reasons to de-clutter:

  • You will feel better. Having a tidy space allows you to relax and focus
  • Less clutter means more space (providing you don’t buy new junk to replace the old junk)
  • De-cluttering a space makes it easier to clean that space regularly
  • Having a tidy, de-cluttered area makes you more proactive, you can find items easier and in turn save time
  • Clutter gathers dust, get rid of it and breathe easier
  • You might make some money, selling a quality item that you just never use
  • Your second hand items, donated to charity will help people in need

Today I have decided to de-clutter my bathroom draws. Basically I haven’t done this in a couple months which is poor form for me. I usually do this every month. One of these draws is at the point where I can’t open it without having to push something down with my finger and I slide the draw out. That embarrasses me. 

Here is one of my draws before:


Here is that same draw after:


I already feel a million times better knowing these draws are tidy and organised.

So hop to it. Choose your space and de-clutter it!


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