March Challenge – 7th of March

Well friends, today is my birthday so of course I am going to make todays challenge a decedent one.

Today I challenge you to indulge yourself. 

Indulging yourself is can come in various ways, if you are like me your train of thought jumps directly to food and lets be real today I will be indulging myself with food. My evening is booked at a lovely Italian restaurant with my family. So as I write this blog I can’t exactly tell you what I will be indulging in but most likely it will involve pizza and/or pasta, as well as a bit of cake (providing my family is organised).

I don’t want to tell you how you should indulge because everyone is different, we all have different wants and needs, so instead I am going to list some indulgent ideas that might help you if you are stuck on how to spoil yourself today.

  • Eat dessert (it it for breakfast if you really like)
  • Don’t cook dinner – order delivery
  • Do a face/hair mask
  • Watch a movie and eat popcorn
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Use that foot spa you own but never use
  • Binge on Netflix
  • Buy yourself that gift you have had your eye on for months
  • Do something you usually wouldn’t do on a Tuesday night
  • Have pancakes for dinner
  • Put on your sexy lingerie
  • Go out and see a movie (it’s tight-ass Tuesday)

Whatever it is you choose to do, do it well. Enjoy your indulgent moment and if you would like to share what you got up to with me, feel free to email me:



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