March Challenge – 8th of March 

Rise and shine today’s challenge is pretty easy and will only take up ten minutes of your day. So get motivated and make it happen. 

Today i challenge you to stretch your body for a least ten minutes. 

It wasn’t until recently that I truely appreciated the benefits of stretching. I always thought it seemed pointless but now I understand the importance and make sure I do ten minutes a day of stretching. Even if I don’t workout I still set aside that ten minutes to have a stretch, not only do I find it beneficial to my body but I find it really relaxing. 

If you are like me and struggle with ideas for stretching or aren’t ever really sure how long you are holding a stretch for I’ve found a handy app (if you can’t tell I’m app obsessed I basically run my life through apps). 

The app is called: Sworkit – it’s a freebie in the App Store. I thoroughly suggest you download it and give it a crack. 

Benefits of stretching: 

  • It’s relaxing 
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Helps to improve posture 
  • Prevents injury 
  • Can help you sleep better 

I hope this has convinced you of some benefits of stretching so get to it. Take deep breaths and relax as you work through each stretch. Positions should be held for 30-60 seconds each. 
Happy hump day kids, stretching may or may not also help with that too 😉 

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