March Challenge – 10th of March

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’ve had a positive week and are looking forward to your weekend. I know I sure am because my best friend is getting married, which is super exciting. After spending the day together yesterday having a bit of a pamper day, we got a spray tan and had a pedicure I was contemplating today’s challenge and from my little pamper session yesterday I have created todays challenge which is: Pamper yourself, if you can’t do it today book it in for the weekend or next week. 

  • Book a massage 
  • Get a manicure or pedicure or even both
  • Pay to get your hair washed and styled 
  • Get a facial 
  • Get a spray tan 
  • Get your makeup done by a Proffesional 

Looking after yourself and staying relaxed is such a positive thing in our chaotic lives so go for it I say! Embrace the pamper and if you need an excuse for getting pampered feel free to blame me or the challenge! 

Have a lovely Friday and stay tuned for Saturdays Challenge!

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