March Challenge – 14th of March 

Today’s challenge is a bit of a fun one. 

Today I challenge you to write your bucket list. 

I have a cool bucket list book that I bought for my bestie and I a couple years ago and to be honest I completely forgot about it. So this morning I found it, read it and updated it. 

If you don’t have a bucket list book it doesn’t matter get some paper and start writing. 

I had lots to update in my book from last year as my seven week European adventure allowed me to explore so many of my bucket list items.

Things you can add to your bucket list: 

  • Somewhere (state or country) you want to go 
  • A crazy experience you’d like to try 
  • A challenge that you’d like to see yourself achieve 
  • A goal that you want to smash 
  • A fear that you need to face 
  • A landmark you dream to view 

Get writing and watch as you tick things off your bucket list not only does it make you feel happy and accomplished but it’s a great keepsake that you can look back on. 

Here’s my book from kiki K 

Here’s a snippit of the index page of my book: 

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