March Challenge – 16th of March 

Good morning, 

Today’s challenge is a goody. 

Today I challenge you to do something for someone else. 

Often in our busy lives we get so caught up in our own bubble that we forget to help others. We don’t do it on purpose it just happens. Being selfless is a wonderful quality and having time for people is critical. 

So today I want you to get creative there are plenty of things you can do for other people: 

  • Donate to a charity 
  • Hold the lift or a door for someone 
  • Get a friend a coffee or tea 
  • Give a friend a lift home 
  • Bake and bring in a cake for your colleagues 
  • Offer to help a friend move 
  • Help someone out who’s busy at work 
  • Ask people if there’s anything you can do to help them
  • Thank someone 
  • Be available to someone who you can tell needs to vent 

I wish you all a wonderful Thursday. 

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