The March Challenge – 17th of March

Happy Friday my friends. 

Today I challenge you to think positively. 

Positive thinking is critical because your daily life is affected by the thoughts going on in your head. Things that you think often come out to play each day and if you are filled with negative thoughts there’s no way for you to embrace life and the beauty that surrounds us daily. 

Benefits of Positive thinking: 

  • You are able to enjoy life 
  • You influence others for the better
  • You become more wise 
  • You find and hold your inner peace 
  • You have more energy 
  • You will be more motivated 

Ways to be positive:

  • Practice gratitude; be thankful 
  • Encourage others 
  • Listen to music 
  • Smile (don’t forget it’s contagious) 
  • Avoid negative people 
  • Set yourself goals and learn to adjust them as things change 
  • Be giving 
  • Plan your future 
  • Focus on the present 
  • Eat well (my personal favourite)

Spread positivity as thick as you would peanut butter or Nutella ❤️ 

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