March Challenge – 18th of March 

Hello and happy Saturday. 

Today I have a quick healthy challenge for you. 

I challenge you to eat a piece of fruit. 

Pretty easy right, then why don’t we eat fruit each and every day? I know I personally go through phases one week I’ll eat 1-3 pieces of fruit a day the next week I’m not even interested in it. I’m not sure why that is but when you remind yourself of the clear benefits of eating fruit each day its hard not to see that it’s GOOD for you. 

Benefits of eating fruit:

  • Fibre fibre fibre 
  • Filled with Vitamins and minerals 
  • Low in fat and calories 
  • May prevent many health problems including strokes

Do you even need any further reasons to complete today’s challenge or to try to add fruit to your daily diet?!

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