March Challenge – 21st of March

My day started off bad yesterday. I hadn’t had enough sleep, I haven’t actually slept well for about two weeks now, I was cranky with some people and for some stupid reason I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at some old photos which left me frankly quite sad. 

So naturally I had a hissy fit and decided to get on with my day. I ate breakfast, went to the gym, bought myself a new top, did a few work emails, turned off my phone for a few hours (7 to be exact), ate a sandwhich on nice fresh wholemeal bread that was still warm and then cooked up an amazing prawn and vegetable pasta dish for my family. 

This got me to thinking about how we try to make ourselves feel better when we are having a bad day, if you knew me well most of the things I rattled off above are things I did to try and make myself happy and re-centre my focus. 

So today’s challenge stems from my crappy day yesterday. 

Today I challenge you to identify 10 things that you do for yourself when you want to feel better and then I want you to do one of those things for yourself today. 

My 10 things are: 

  1. Exercise 
  2. Buy myself something (like a new top) 
  3. Eat warm fresh bread (or whatever your comfort food may be) 
  4. Turn off my phone for a few hours 
  5. Have a glass of red wine 
  6. Change my sheets (fresh sheets always makes me feel happier, who knows why) 
  7. Go somewhere, anywhere generally just get out of the house I tend to like the bush or somewhere with beautiful views 
  8. Watch an Adam Sandler movie (yes I’ve always been obsessed and determined he is the man of my dreams) 
  9. I cook, generally for other people I get a kick out of making others happy when I’m having a rough day myself 
  10. Listen to music, now this is a tricky one because if you’re feeling down you need to pick an album that will bring you back up not push you down further, so choose wisely

Knowing how to bring yourself up on the bad days, on the worst of days on the days where you feel like your entire world might crumble around you is one of the most important things in life that you will learn. I hope if you don’t yet know your ten things that somehow this challenge helps you identify them. 

Knowing yourself is the key to surviving ✌🏾

Here’s to a better day than yesterday for me and a wonderful day for you all. 
The photo I used here is of my favourite tree at a lookout in the bush near my house. One of my places to go. 

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