March Challenge – 23rd of March 

Good morning friends, 

Todays challenge is a goofy one! You may even have a little laugh at yourself throughout this one. 

Today I challenge you to use your other hand. 

I am right handed so today I will focus on completing tasks with my left hand. This could be quite hilarious I actually can’t wait to try and eat left handed, i am expecting disaster much like a kid learning to use a knife and fork for the first time. 

Things you can do with your other hand: 

  • Brush your teeth 
  • Eat 
  • Brush your hair 
  • Drink your water 
  • Blow your nose 
  • Serve dinner 
  • Open jars (haha I can’t see this one working) 

Good luck and have a laugh, being able to laugh at yourself is a healthy habit. 🙂🙃

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