Good morning friends, 

Today’s challenge is a workout challenge again. 

This is inspired by the little workout I did last night after dinner and in my hotel room. Being interstate can be annoying because not all hotels have a gym and mine didn’t so I had to improvise. 

This was my quick workout last night I challenge you to do it today. 

  • 30 minute quick walk (I took a trip around the streets of Adelaide last night whilst the rain mostly held off) 
  • 60 squats (in increments of 20) 
  • 40 soccer run (my room was a decent size) 
  • 100 sit-ups (no weight because I didn’t have any) 
  • 20 lunges (only 20 because lets face it I was exhausted yesterday) 

So above it my challenge to you. 

Happy Thursday- make it magical.