March Challenge – 31st of March 

Good, good morning,

Today is the last day of March which means my month long daily challenges are just about over.

The last challenge I put forward to you is about reflection. Today I challenge you to think back over the month of March (or 2017 thus far) and pick the following:

  • 3 things you are grateful for
  • 3 times you’ve been proud of yourself
  • 3 times you challenged yourself this month

3 things I am grateful for this month: 

  1. My best friend married her awesome partner. I’m proud and happy to know they are safe and their little family is flourishing.
  2. I started a new job (thank gosh because well being made redundant sucks)
  3. I had a two day trip to Adelaide (I haven’t been to Adelaide since I was 11 so that was cool, I need to go back when the weather is better however)

3 times I’ve been proud of myself this month: 

  1. When I built my new computer desk from scratch (I learnt what a cam and a cambolt  is and how they work)
  2. When I cleaned my wardrobe and filled two bags to go to Vinnies (I hold on to things for far too long, especially clothes)
  3. Only last year I started flossing, it was my goal to floss once a week but from the beginning of march I have smashed that and I now floss twice a week (sounds boring as all hell right but I’m proud and my dentist would be proud)

3 times I challenged myself this month: 

  1. I have been working on running because well I’m not a good distance runner, I frankly hate it but by challenging myself  I beat my 2km run time. I was super happy with myself. I won’t share my time because I’m not a runner but at least I try.
  2. I challenged myself to do this march Challenge on my blog. I dedicated time to posting each day which I was not used to but I gave it a shot.
  3. I challenged myself to start stretching each day, even on the days where I don’t workout and I achieved that this month.

Just from listing nine small things that happened for me throughout the month of March i feel happy and positive about the year ahead to come. So have a good think about your nine things for March and start listing! Reflecting on personal achievements is motivating (no matter how big or small they may seem) i might just challenge myself to do this at the end of each month.

Peace and I hope you found some of my March Challenges worthwhile ✌🏾

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