Time for change 

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last blog post, this is mainly because I have been focusing on finding my next full time role and I can happily now say that I have. 

Last November my role was made redundant, this was the second time I had been through a redundancy in the space of a year. What a joke right? Anyway, since then I have been working casually for two companies which has been great and given me some income but not enough to continue progressing with my life goals. 

Today I am more than pleased to be heading off to my new full time position in Sydney. I was originally trying my best to find a role closer to my home (lower Blue Mountains) as I have travelled to Sydney and North Sydney for over ten years and I know it is exhausting but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you would like. Nevertheless I am incredibly grateful and so, so happy to get started. 

The biggest challenge for personally will be adjusting to my new routine. This position will mean early mornings, late evenings and a lot of travel in between. So being organised will be the most important thing for me. Organised enough to continue hitting my health and fitness goals as well as my career and life goals. 

Yesterday I organised my meals for today, sorted my outfit and checked the train times. I’ll post my meal preparation for you below. I will purposefully be getting off the train one stop further from my work so I will get extra steps in before and after work. As an office worker it is often hard to get in 9000-10,000 steps a day so this extra 12 minutes either side of my work day will really make a difference. The second change that I will look at making next week is my gym. Currently my gym is close to my home but they don’t have one near my work so it’s time to change gym. I’ve already researched the gym closest to work and will get my free trial there next week. Most likely I will be going from work of an evening to the gym before I head home. I’ll test that out first and see if it works for me before I join. 

I am very excited for this next opportunity in my life and grateful for the chance to try something new. If anyone has any tips or advice for me I’d love to hear it.

Here is today’s food that I prepared yesterday to force myself to stay healthy throughout my first day. 

  • B: Blueberry & cinnamon Oats 
  • MT: 2 x boiled eggs 
  • L: Tofu & veggies 
  • AT: Raw almonds & a mandarin 
  • AT2: Protein bar (for my train ride home) 

Have an awesome day everyone. 

March Challenge – 4th of March 

Alright ladies and gents today is the 4th challenge for the month. This one is super sweet and I’m sure you’ll all achieve this challenge effortlessly. 

Today, on this lovely Saturday I would like you to buy or pick some flowers either for yourself or a loved one. 

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers, giving them,  receiving them having them in your home. They smell and look beautiful. Flowers can brighten the most boring of days and the most sad of days. They can enrich the happiest of days and make us feel relaxed and content. 

As if you don’t want a little piece of happiness. 

Go forth spoil yourself or a loved one. 

I’d love to see some photos of your beautiful flowers, email me: kristymcnairblog@hotmail.com 


March Challenge – 3rd of March 

Good morning all and happy Friday! 

Today is the third day of my March Challenge and we are going to embrace today by completing today’s challenge, which is: Contact a close friend and spill your guts about two things you admire about them. 

This may or may not be a challenge for you. Some people feel awkward spreading the love, but try not to. If you are a little shy or time poor feel free to contact your buddy via email, text or social media and let them know two reasons why you admire them. 

By completing  this challenge you will not only feel positive in yourself and feel like an amazing friend you will also motivate your friend to continue being the awesome person that they are. Everyone deserves encouragement, admiration and love. 

So get out there! Spread the love! Spread the admiration! It will do the world wonders! 
Here’s my completed challenge for the day a letter to one of my besties S. 


March Challenge – 2nd of March

Today’s Day 2 Challenge is something you should do every day, some people smash this without even thinking about it while others don’t even come close. Today I would like you to drink at least 2 litres of water and if you exercise today I would like you to drink 3 litres of water. 
There is a free app that I use to track my water intake called Waterlogged. 
Each time I finish a bottle or glass of water I log it in the app as I refill my bottle/glass. 

Staying hydrated is important for many reasons:

  • Water helps remove toxins from the body
  • Water aids in the digestion of food 
  • Water helps the body metabolise fat 
  • Water helps the brain function properly
  • Water regulates the body temperature 

Dehydration is dangerous and I believe everyone should make a conscious effort to drink water regularly throughout each day and night. 

Key signs of dehydration are: 

  • Weakness 
  • Dizziness 
  • Increased thirst 
  • Dry mouth 

If you notice any other of these symptoms start drinking water more frequently. 
Happy hydration!

This snippit is from my Waterlogged app today. My daily goal of water is 4L but this goal should be different for everyone. 

March Challenge – 1st of March 

As mentioned in my previous post throughout the month of March I will be posting a challenge a day. These challenges may only seem little but it’s the little things in life that keep us positive and make us happy so I really hope you’ll participate and challenge yourself this month. 

Today’s Day 1 Challenge is quite simple; I would like you to identify and write down two things that you want to achieve this year. You don’t need to share these with anyone if you don’t want to but identifying them and writing them down will make them more likely to happen. Remind yourself of these two things each week and you will find yourself working harder to achieve these goals. I bet by the end of 2017 you will be able to look back and feel pleased with yourself that you identified a goal and made it happen.  

My two goals for 2017 are: 

Goal 1: Spend less money on unneeded items. This is something I consciously know that I need to do but have never really concentrated on making it happen. The amount of clothes, shoes and jewellery that I have purchased and never worn or worn once is ridiculous. This goal is important for a few reasons: 

  1. So I stop wasting money 
  2. So I can continue to fit all of my things in my wardrobe (I’m already overflowing into a second one) 
  3. So I can remind myself to make conscious desicions before purchasing items

Goal 2: Do. This was basically my New Years resolution. Often in life we have thoughts about things we should do, people we should call or visit or places we should go but for some reason it doesn’t get past being a thought, for some reason we don’t carry it out, we don’t do it. 

I recently had a moment of clarity about this when sadly when someone i know passed away I had the thought to reach out to her and I didn’t act on it, I didn’t do it, then it was too late. I had missed my chance to say thank you and goodbye. So this for me this year is my biggest goal. 

Don’t just think or talk but do. 

Have a good think about two goals you would like to achieve this year they can be anything that is important to you. Don’t forget to write them down in your phone or on some paper.

If you would like to share your goals with me, You can email me at: 


Happy goal setting kids! 

Snacks for all your needs

I was recently advised that my advice on keeping your healthy snacks handy was a useful tip for a friend so I thought I would go into how I snack throughout the day and some suggestions for healthy snack options.

Snacking throughout the day is a given for most of us, it ties us over until our next main meal and allows us to refuel and stay focused during the day. What you reach for as a snack can have huge affects on your health, body and mind. Obviously reaching for a Mars bar is not the right choice to stabilize your energy or if you are trying to lose weight.

Ideally I try to balance my snacks around what I had eaten the meal before; for example if I have Oats for breakfast I will aim to have a protein filled snack for morning tea to ensure I am balancing out my intake. Oats are lacking in Protein but are a good carbohydrate. If you can try to have this approach to your snacks it should help ensure you are fueling your body to the best of your ability.

My go to snacks for protein

  • Boiled eggs – huge winner with salt and pepper to taste
  • Cheese slices or sticks
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Yogurt – be careful here as yogurt is also high in carbs and can be very high in sugar
  • Tin Tuna or Salmon in springwater
  •  Protein Shake – ensure again it’s low carb and low sugar
  • Protein bar or balls – just make sure they are low carb
  • Cottage cheese with veggie sticks


My go to snacks for carbohydrates 

  • Dried Apricots
  • Pears, oranges or bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Yogurt
  • Rice crackers with cottage cheese or avocado


My go to snacks for good fats 

  • Raw Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Cheese slices or sticks
  • Eggs
  • Dark chocolate
  • Smoked Salmon


My go to snacks for hydration

  • Celery (I add peanut butter for good fats and because it makes me happy)
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Capsicum sticks
  • Strawberries


It is really easy to get sick of snacks, so I suggest mixing it up as much as you can. Don’t eat the same snacks all week you’ll go mad. Making protein balls and freezing them in groups of two is a great way to mix up your snacks, when you feel like them for a change just pull a bag out of the freezer.

I hope this post gives you some ideas for your snacks and as I find new things that I love I will be sure to share them with you.

Happy Eating!



Breaking routine without the side effects

For anyone who is focusing on their exercise and healthy eating goals there is nothing more difficult than breaking your routine, maybe with a holiday or weekend away. As much as you want to enjoy your break, time away from your normal reality can be very difficult for your mind and body to handle, a sudden change and it can often leave you feeling worse for wear. 
I recently had a short 5-day trip away to help some friends of mine move into their new home and since returning I’ve been feeling quite flu-ish, bloated and weak. What I put this down to is the change in my routine for those days that I was away. I exercised less than usual, I ate less vegetables than usual and I ate more carbs than I usually would. 

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and back on track with my health goals but I thought I’d share my newly realised tips for breaking routine without the side effects. 

  1. Do your best to exercise every day. Even if it’s only a 30 minute walk. 
  2. Continue to load up on veggies
  3. Try to keep eating your meals and snacks at roughly the same time as you usually would 
  4. Stay hydrated! If you feel weak try adding a little salt to your water this I’ve learnt will spike your blood pressure 
  5. Keep happy and enjoy your time off! 

Keep these tips in mind next time you break routine and I hope you will stay on top of your game! 

This photo I took on one of my morning walks whilst I was away, it’s of Wallarah Creek, Blue Haven, NSW.