Time for changeĀ 

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last blog post, this is mainly because I have been focusing on finding my next full time role and I can happily now say that I have. 

Last November my role was made redundant, this was the second time I had been through a redundancy in the space of a year. What a joke right? Anyway, since then I have been working casually for two companies which has been great and given me some income but not enough to continue progressing with my life goals. 

Today I am more than pleased to be heading off to my new full time position in Sydney. I was originally trying my best to find a role closer to my home (lower Blue Mountains) as I have travelled to Sydney and North Sydney for over ten years and I know it is exhausting but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you would like. Nevertheless I am incredibly grateful and so, so happy to get started. 

The biggest challenge for personally will be adjusting to my new routine. This position will mean early mornings, late evenings and a lot of travel in between. So being organised will be the most important thing for me. Organised enough to continue hitting my health and fitness goals as well as my career and life goals. 

Yesterday I organised my meals for today, sorted my outfit and checked the train times. I’ll post my meal preparation for you below. I will purposefully be getting off the train one stop further from my work so I will get extra steps in before and after work. As an office worker it is often hard to get in 9000-10,000 steps a day so this extra 12 minutes either side of my work day will really make a difference. The second change that I will look at making next week is my gym. Currently my gym is close to my home but they don’t have one near my work so it’s time to change gym. I’ve already researched the gym closest to work and will get my free trial there next week. Most likely I will be going from work of an evening to the gym before I head home. I’ll test that out first and see if it works for me before I join. 

I am very excited for this next opportunity in my life and grateful for the chance to try something new. If anyone has any tips or advice for me I’d love to hear it.

Here is today’s food that I prepared yesterday to force myself to stay healthy throughout my first day. 

  • B: Blueberry & cinnamon Oats 
  • MT: 2 x boiled eggs 
  • L: Tofu & veggies 
  • AT: Raw almonds & a mandarin 
  • AT2: Protein bar (for my train ride home) 

Have an awesome day everyone.